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PeachCap is a financial services company that provides in- house investment intelligence, tax intelligence, and emotional intelligence services to wealth management organizations and their clients. 

The Ask

1. Position PeachCap as a disruptor in the financial services industry

2. Secure 1-2 financial advisors or firms in NY and Atlanta

3. Develop a campaign template in the new metro markets, starting in Atlanta, followed by New York.

The Challenge

As a relatively unknown company, there is a perceived risk associated with switching. Financial advisors may be concerned about losing clients. 

Spread awareness of PeachCap's disruptive presence in the industry.

 Aim to attract advisors to PeachCap's roadshow event, where they will learn more about how PeachCap will help them with their professional success. 


Independent financial advisors with client’s worth between $1 - $10 million, who care about their client relationships.


PeachCap's current positioning on technology offerings:

  • Robo advisor

  • Gamification & Avatars

  • Emotional & Tax intelligence

My Team's Takeaway:

  • Democratizing the family office model beyond the uber rich

  • Prioritization of relationships

  • One-stop-shop 

But it’s the intersection of this humanity and technology that makes you a disruptor!

Our Focus

People don’t trust AI, they trust other people.

Data shows, people prefer to work with people! In fact, 84% of wealthy tech savvy millennials prefer to have their meetings with a financial advisor in person.

Money is an emotional subject, and advisors have to help their clients through all kinds of emotional decisions. Within our research, we consistently found that people want advisors with emotional intelligence and empathy. These advisors will continue to succeed alongside the AI boom.

Artificial Intelligence cannot take away our value in the human connection. 


You Cannot Automate Humanity and Trust.


Show independent advisors that PeachCap prioritizes their personal touch by providing a one stop- shop advisors need in order to cultivate client relationships. 


Personally Invested

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